DIY Flowers for Valentine’s Day

Trying to find the perfect gift for your loved ones this Valentine’s Day? We’ve got the perfect solution: a homemade and long-lasting bouquet made from recycled materials. This keiki-friendly activity is a great way to introduce the benefits of recycling to the entire family! Follow the instructions below to create something meaningful and eco-friendly while avoiding additional waste for a Trash Free Hawaii.


Recycled paper (various colors)


Glue or eco-friendly tape


Step 1: Create the stem by cutting a piece of paper about 3 inches wide. Roll it into a long cylinder and glue/tape the edge into place.

Step 2: Make petals by cutting more strips of paper in a variety of colors, some about 4 inches wide and others 2 inches wide. Fold each strip of paper in half along the longer side and make slits with your scissors along the entire folded edge.

Step 3: Open the strips of paper, then fold them the other way and secure them into place using tape or glue.

Step 4: Wrap your petals around the stem using glue or tape to secure the paper into place—starting with the smaller petals, then moving on to the bigger ones.

Step 5: Repeat step 4 until you have an entire bouquet! You can adjust the size of your paper and slits to create bigger ones or smaller ones.

Step 6: Gift your bouquet of flowers to your favorite Valentine!

Sources: Origami Studio