Trash Reduction Tips for Businesses

Set up a business recycling program

Set Up A Recycling Program

Place bins for paper, plastic and glass around the office to encourage employees to recycle throughout the day.

Keep dumpter lids close

Keep dumpster lids closed

Keeping dumpster lids closed and in proper working condition minimizes storm water’s ability to impact the trash inside.

Dispose of litter by sweeping

Dispose of litter

Regular sweeping of any impervious surface, especially around storm drains, may prevent storm water pollution.


Volunteer for the Department of Transportation Adopt-a-Highway program to pick up litter along our highways. It’s a way for environmentally conscious companies help keep trash off the roadways and litter out of our storm drains.

Learn More About Adopt-A-Highway

Purchase green in the office

Purchase Green in the Office

Before purchasing office supplies like paper, light bulbs and even electronics, check to see if there’s a more eco-friendly option. Choose recycled paper and look for the ENERGY STAR logo when purchasing appliances.

print double sided

Default to Double-Sided Printing

Set your printer default to double-sided and your ink to black and white (or the most eco-friendly option your printer has) to reduce the amount of paper and ink your company uses.

designate a composting area

Designate a Composting Area

Using office waste like non-bleached paper and coffee grounds, set up a composting area. This will decrease the negative footprint of your business and reduce the need for fertilizers and chemicals on site.

clear all landscaped areas

Clear All Landscaped Areas

Keep all gutters, swales and ditches free of litter, rubbish and debris.

choose deconstruction over demolition

Choose Deconstruction Over Demolition

By choosing deconstruction on a project, you reduce the amount of toxic dust released into the environment. You can also give the items in good shape, like cabinetry, hardware and appliances, new life by reusing or donating them.

plan ahead on your worksite

Plan Ahead on Your Work Site

Measure all materials, order only what you need and conduct regular inventory checks. Account for waste anticipated and designate areas for trash, donation and recycle bins.